The Door

The first ever live worship recording in mainland China. This CD/DVD project fuses ethnic Chinese instruments with modern praise and worship music. It features songs in English and Mandarin (with subtitles).

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Sample track: Be Still

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Recorded live in Europe’s grandest cathedrals, this CD/DVD project is built around Isaiah 58 and is a prayer for Europe’s spiritual restoration. Acoustic in nature, it features musicians from the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, USA, and the UK.

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Sample track: I Believe

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We’ve Waited

Free download: We’ve Waited.mp3

All we ask is that when you download this song you commit to pray for Egypt and Christ’s body in that land.

Egypt’s rich history of Christendom travels through to the present day church. Throughout the country, Christ-followers live faithful lives. They are part of the dramatic changes. Worshiplanet founders, Mark & Carrie Tedder, traveled to the region many times. While in Cairo they recorded “We’ve Waited.” Haunting Arabic melodies overlap modern rhythms as Egyptian musicians and vocalists demonstrate their heart’s cry.

They are waiting, and we’re waiting with them.

Watch the video below:



Worship leader/songwriter Mark Tedder releases a 4 song worship EP that focuses on the presence of God.  ”Atmosphere” is a fresh offering of worship songs for the church.
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