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Build a Chapel @ Worshiplanet.

We Provide a Sacred Space for Leaders to Refresh and Renew.


All Nations Will Come & Worship

Leading God’s People.


Leaders In Crisis

Leaders are burning out and leaving the church. Those who stay often feel pressure to perform. They are not loving their congregations well. It is a problem that could eventually affect your local churches. We want to help change that. Small local church to mega churches, by God’s grace we have survived both. And even thrived. It is time to teach what we have learned (often the hard way) to the next generation. We want them to enjoy the journey and finish well!


Departures into Arrivals

Mark & Carrie Tedder do life and ministry in Hawaii. Their house has two guest rooms for hosting worship leaders, musicians, and missionaries.

For the past 35, the Tedders have been going to the nations. And loving it! They average about 100,000 miles a year on airplanes. Now they bring the nations to them.

Worship Intensives are part of the new Worshiplanet plan. Teaching seminars and providing one-on-one mentoring. We will bring in international leaders for 5 days of training and renewal. From Iceland to Myanmar - they will come!

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Worshiplanet is a worship equipping ministry. We are a US based non profit organization. We have a fabulous Board of Directors. We are donor funded. And volunteer run. Dozens of musicians travel with us each year giving back into the nations. Worshiplanet has been around since 1985!